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Dungeons and Treasures

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STEP 4: see the descriptions of the game below and find out the Tips and Tricks to Earn more  Gold faster in this game.
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STEP 6: You must Play it Atleast 20 to 25mins. you can discover the Trick in this Game on your OWN, by just Exploring The Game Contents. eg: DUNGEONS,BOWS AND BALLOONS,CASTLE,JACKPOTS,CHESTROOM,JOUST MULTI and Claim your Free Ticket to Gift Quest to get a Chance to win $ golds or NINTENDO Wii, Also 3ds with ZELDA, and etc.  ENJOY while Earning I can Guarantee you that 100%
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Earnings Example

YOU CAN EARN AS MUCH AS 20,000 gold per day just by playing the other games except dungeons, like treasure hunt,gift quest,joust multi,castle and balloons, and many many more

1 dungeon per day
(Dungeon visits do not expire)
Character level 1: 1000 gold per dungeon

Character level 10: 2000 gold per dungeon

Character level 50: 5000 gold per dungeon

Character level 100: 10000 gold per dungeon

Free treasure hunt:
up to 20000 gold per day or jackpot prize depending on the number of treasure hunts made

Wooden key (very easy to find) = up to 600 gold
Iron key (easy to find) =
up to 1500 gold
Silver key (hard to find) =
up to 5000 gold
Golden key (hard to find) =
up to 10000 gold

Get more dungeons using your star points, fidelity points or accepting dungeon offers from another player! That can be done at Dungeons Market.
D&T codes
(becoming a paid player)

Each D&T codes can be bought at $1 using your Dungeons & Treasures Account. You can also pay via AlertPay, PayPal or through phone
($1.7 minimum).Your conversion rate depends on your rank, where the purchase of D&T codes will significantly increase your rank.

One code, bought for $1.70, can be used to either purchase another 16 dungeons or can be used to automatically raise your level.

This same code will raise your rank so that when conversion of gold to cash is done at the start of the month it will give you a 10% bonus AND for everyday remaining in the month of purchase , will give you a treasure chest containing REAL CASH.

That's pretty good value , all for $1.70

Conversion Rates
(according to rank)

The more you buy D&T codes, the higher your conversion rate will increase!

Knight: 400,000 gold per $1
Baron: 365,000 gold
per $1
Viscount: 335,000 gold per $1
Count: 290,000 gold per $1
Marquess: 270,000 gold per $1
Duke: 250,000 gold per $1
Prince: 225,000 gold per $1
King (or higher): 200,000 gold per $1
Referral Bonus(according to level)
Referring your friends to Dungeons & Treasures gives you referral bonuses depending on their level.

Level 1 referrals give you 30% of the gold that they earn
Level 2 referrals give you 15% of the gold that they earnLevel 3 referrals give you 5% of the gold that they earn

How D&T Referral Bonus worksFirst, you refer 5 people, and those 5 people will refer 5 people, and each of them will refer 5 members. Your earnings will be shown below, provided that each player earns 100,000 gold per week.Note: Current conversion rate is $0.25 per 100,000 gold

You: 100,000 gold (100%) = 100,000 gold
Level 1 referrals: 5*100,000 gold (30%) = 150,000 gold
Level 2 referrals: 25*100,000 gold (15%) = 375,000 goldLevel 3 referrals: 125*100,000 gold (5%) = 1,250,000 gold

Total gold earned in a week = 1,875,000 gold
Total cash earned in a week = $4.6875What if you refer 10 members, and they do the same, and each earns 100,000 gold per week?
You: 100,000 gold (100%) = 100,000 gold
Level 1 referrals: 10*100,000 gold (30%) = 300,000 gold
Level 2 referrals: 100*100,000 gold (15%) = 1,500,000 goldLevel 3 referrals: 1000*100,000 gold (5%) = 5,000,000 gold

Total gold earned in a week = 111,100,000 gold
Total cash earned in a week = $17.25

 Dungeons and Treasures Tips and Tricks

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I would Recommend you to Bookmark this page to get some help and updates of the game.
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